We understand that there may be times when you don't wish to make a formal report through Report and Support but you do want some support.


Student Wellbeing Advisors are here to help you with any issues you are having at University that are affecting your wellbeing and/or your mental health

The Student Wellbeing Advisors are in each faculty please email studentwellbeing@ljmu.ac.uk to book a telephone appointment or call 0151 231 3664.

The Counselling and Mental Health Service is also available for students. The service is currently offering individual appointments face to face, online or by telephone. We also offer a range of supportive groups, facilitate referrals to external organisations and provide links to self-help tools and resources.

In the first instance we encourage students to contact a Wellbeing Advisor who can talk through any issues that you may have. Or if you prefer to contact our team directly please see our contact information.

Please note

The Counselling and Mental Health Service is not an emergency service, for any emergency please visit our crisis page.

Please contact the Student Wellbeing team first to talk through any issues you have – they will refer you on to other support services where appropriate.


Staff requiring support should contact the university's human resources team, or should discuss the issue with their line manager. Contact information is available here

A list of external organisations who provide advice and support is here


There are two ways you can tell us what happened