Stalking is a pattern of unwanted, fixated and obsessive behaviour which is intrusive and causes fear of violence or serious alarm or distress.
Cyberstalking is the same as the definition above but includes the use on online tools and technologies to either enable the stalking or complete the stalking end to end. Cyberstalking can occur alongside physical stalking too and the usual behaviours of cyberstalking are (but not limited to):

·         Creating fake profiles to monitor / contact you.
·         Hacking into your accounts and restricting access.
·         Hacking into your smart devices from third party apps or if they know your login details e.g., Amazon Alexa, Wi-fi Hub etc.
·         Using location trackers to monitor you e.g. Find My Phone, Snapchat location map, tagged images etc.
·         Receiving direct threats via social media or emails.
·         Using your image / information to create false accounts.

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